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 90% Viability - 3rd Party        

Non-GMP and non-GLP evaluations of the viable cell count of human umbilical cord mesenchymal tissue cell product 

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Human Wharton Jelly Umbilical Cord

Human Wharton Jelly Umbilical Cord Alografts "Cellular Product" contains  rich source of mesenchymal stem cells, which give growth to many of the “support tissues” in the body, including bone, cartilage, fat and muscle. They also have the potential to develop into nerve cells and are known to have a positive impact in reducing inflammation. Umbilical cord is a preferred source of mesenchymal stem cells due to low immunogenicity levels and better transplantation success in allogenic transplants. Our product contains mesenchymal stem cells and is rich in growth factors from umbilical cord tissue. We acquire these tissues under informed consents and strict ethical protocols. These tissues are from safe, reliable hospital sources via a non-invasive, simple, and painless procedure.

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Regenerative Medicine is the future

The future of healthcare is regenerative and restorative not cut and prescribe. The worlds healthcare demands healthcare providers and leaders to do what is right for the patient and not big-pharma. If you are a doctor ready to change healthcare please let us support you in that process.

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Steriality and Safety are Top Priotity

Allografts and Autografts products (homologue use only) are manufactured terminally and diligently under sterilized and fully protected environment to enhance safety related to microbiological, viral transmission or any other contaminations. Products are manufactured in a fully certified Class 100 cleanroom. Technicians operate under Good Laboratory Practices, Good Tissue Practices and Good Manufactured Practices regulations and requirements in order to make sure to maintain all high standards.  

Only fully medical graded materials used to package products which is highest standard in allografts products and materials are made in class 1000 clean room.

In light of the media attention and in the wake of concerns related to the Chagas Disease the manufacturereiterates its long-standing processing safety standards for the terminal sterilization of allografts products.  The flagship allografts have always been terminally sterilized, and the products processes have continually used terminal sterilization as an essential part of the process.

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Validated data

3rd party Certificate of analysis

This report certifies that on January 11, 2019, Asymmetrex, LLC and its contracted associates* performed non-GMP and non-GLP evaluations of the viable cell count of the human umbilical cord mesenchymal tissue cell product 

A single cryopreserved product vial was analyzed, and the following determinations were made by expert technical personnel at UM MTECH*

Wharton Jelly Certified January 22, 2019 By: James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D. Director with Asymmetrex, LLC - (*University of Maryland, Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute [MTECH], College Park, MD)

2.2 million ± 0.36 million (95% CI, 1.3 million – 3.1 million)

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