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Wharton's Jelly is the leading biologic in regenerative medicine and www.WhartonJelly.com is happy to partner with providers around the globe to help move the regenerative medicine industry forward connecting consumers to regenerative medicine doctors who are on the cutting edge of the regenerative medicine field servicing the local area.

Providers are screened and qualified to join the WartonJelly.com platform and once approved the provider will be matched to consumers looking for a consultation. The consultation is between you and your provider. The provider connection service is a free service to consumers, however the provider may require paymenet for services rendered which is between you and your provider. Whartonjelly.com is not a provider, nore do we offer any medical advice.

Our provider referral service is free to the consumer and is designed to match consumers looking for regenerative medicine providers. WE DO NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVISE, nor do we offer any treatment options. We do not offer health care advice and the site does not offer medical treatment, we do our best to connect you with a provider servicing your area. If you complete our consultation request form or call we will connect you with a provider servicing your area area. Members, providers and doctors do have the ability to add content to the directory which is their opinion and designed to prompt questions between you and your provider, and is not designed in any way to provide treatment advice from the website owners or staff. ALL TREATMENT ADVICE is between you and your provider.

We have providers areoung the globe ready to service you.

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Regenerative Medicine is the future

The future of healthcare is regenerative and restorative not cut and prescribe. The worlds healthcare demands healthcare providers and leaders to do what is right for the patient and not big-pharma. If you are a doctor ready to change healthcare please let us support you in that process.

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